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Cafe Dining Oasis
Beach Cafe Oasis
  • Cafe Dining Oasis
  • Cafe Dining Oasis
  • Cafe Dining Oasis
  • Cafe Dining Oasis
  • Cafe Dining Oasis

With its outstanding location
in front of the Okuma beach,
our cafe restaurant invites you to relax,
comfortably seated at our terrace facing the emerald ocean.

Self service restaurant: This restaurant is self-service. Feel free to order at the counter and to sit at your preferred table.
Number of Seats: Inside 38 seats, Terrace 28 seats
All non-smoking
Hours: This Restaurant opens only during the summer season.
  • Price notations include the service charge only, the consumption tax is not comprised.
  • Pets are allowed only on terrace seats.However, terrace may close in case of bad weather.
  • Only pets owned by hotel guests are allowed.


Buffet restaurant SurfSide Cafe

Buffet Restaurant

Surfside Cafe

Okuma's buffet restaurant , serving three meals a day , breakfast, lunch and dinner. From Okinawa's granny's breakfast to western food, our guests will be able to enjoy various types of tastes and cuisines at the Surf side café.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Japanese restaurant Iju

Japanese Restaurant


Iju is our casual Japanese dining. Our guests will have the opportunity to try out various kind of Japanese dishes such as tempura, sashimi, tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and more.

  • Dinner
BBQ Restaurant Beach Side Cafe

BBQ Restaurant

Beach side

Enjoy a memorable dinner while watching the sunset over the East China Sea. The Restaurant Beach side is a BBQ restaurant, praised by our guests regardless of their age.

  • Dinner
Teppanyaki Restaurant Adan

Teppanyaki Restaurant

Teppanyaki Adan

Our teppanyaki restaurant. Okuma's fine dining , enjoy an exclusive dinner with a private chef . Discover new tastes brought to you by the premium local ingredients selected by our chefs to delight you.

  • Dinner
  • Reservation mandatory
Izakaya Okame

Izakaya Okame


At Okame, you will experience a typical Okinawan atmosphere, enjoying traditional dishes and drinking classic Okinawan alcohol, Awamori. Ideal for a real immersion into the Okinawan culture.

  • Dinner
Cafe Dining Oasis

Cafe Dining

Beach Cafe OASIS

The Beach Cafe Oasis is located directly on the beach. Enjoy delicious food while contemplating the emerald sea.

  • Summer season only